Our Philosophy

Capstone Soccer believes in creating a fun, yet challenging training environment that teaches our players how to: make quick decisions, incorporate tactical awareness, use functional movement patterns, mobility, speed, strength and agility in order to play positive soccer.

Most soccer training companies believe that they can improve your players’ technical and tactical game.  But how?

What makes Capstone Soccer different is our approach not to only building a more complete player, but building a complete athlete.  Older, more traditional training principles (such as Rondo and 3 v 3 small sided games) are paired with more modern, innovative technologies (such as Playmaker, Blazepod, Fusion Sport, Precision training walls and Spiideo). This unique methodology allows us to utilize tangible data in order to better customize training programs and track progress/performance over time.  

For more information about our technologies used, please visit our soccer technologies page.

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