Monday Mini Camp FAQ’s


Why are we having mini-camp sessions on Mondays?

This program was designed to be an outlet for the Arlington / Fairfax County asynchronous learning Monday schedule. Each session will have a heavy emphasis on allowing players to get extra touches on the ball, BEING ACTIVE, and most of all having FUN!



What are your COVID-19 protocols?


Please know that Capstone Soccer’s top priority is the health and safety of our campers, their families, our staff and the community. With that in mind, we will be implementing the following guidelines and procedures:

• Players will be placed in groups of 15 or less. Groups will be determined by age and skill level.
• Camp Staff will sanitize equipment prior to each session. Daily temperature checks are
mandatory for all campers and staff. Anyone with a temperature exceeding 100.4 degrees will
not be permitted to attend camp that day.
• Social distancing guidelines will be followed during all camp breaks. Players will be
encouraged to use hand sanitizer before and after each break.
• Campers will be asked to wear masks upon entrance and exit of the fields.

Why does the program start at 12pm?  Why not earlier?


The 12pm start time allows our players to keep their Mondays (somewhat) normal. Our coaches are hoping that players will first complete all of their asynchronous learning, then come enjoy mini-camp with their peers! The process will be stressed to our players. Work comes before play!



What was the thought process behind having three-hour sessions?


Candidly, we were torn on how long the session should be. In the end, we tried to accommodate a few things: our players enjoyment of getting extra touches on the ball, our players needing a safe platform to interact with their peers and our players’ parents needing a few hours within the day to accomplish their daily activities.



The 12pm – 3pm window falls right within the lunch hour.  What are we supposed to do about lunch?


Our players should eat lunch prior to coming to camp.  During the sessions we will have one extended snack break to go along with our normal water breaks.  Families are encouraged to pack (NUT FREE) snacks accordingly.



How will my child be grouped?


We will start off by placing players together based on age and skill set. That said, we know this won’t work for all of our players. With that in mind, we plan on using a dynamic approach to place players in groups that will fit their playing ability (no matter the age).



Will this program be serious or just a fun-outlet for kids?


Great question. Both. Our plan is to customize our sessions for each group once we have the final mini-camp roster. Our younger players will most likely only be playing soccer 1-2 more times per week. So, we know that they need technical touches. Meanwhile, our older players may already have 3-4 practices that they are already involved in. Thus, their session may be geared more towards non-dominant foot drills, low impact games and tactical awareness activities.

What is the inclement weather policy?


If there is a threat of inclement weather during the session (thunderstorms/lightning/hard rain) the camp will notify parents via text and/or email. If there is a threat of inclement weather for a pending session, the camp will notify parents (of a decision regarding the session) one (1) hour prior. Sessions that are not able to take place at the fields due to inclement weather will be rescheduled to a future date (TBD). For those unable to attend the designated rain date(s) a pending credit to a future Capstone Soccer Group Training session will be awarded.