Allowing for the most personal training experience available, private training provides the opportunity for the greatest amount of customization and detailed feedback with the least amount of distraction. 

1-On-1 Soccer Specific Training


Our goalkeeper training sessions will be focused on identifying strengths and weaknesses then working on improving the weaknesses while highlighting the strengths. Goalkeeping requires lots of diverse skills, each of which will be addressed throughout the sessions:

  • Footwork

  • Shot Stopping

  • Positioning

  • Distributing/Goal Kicks

  • Defending Dead Ball Situations (Corner Kicks/Free Kicks/Penalty Kicks)

  • Communication/ “Soccer Knowledge”

  • Playing With Your Feet


Before any session begins the goalkeeper will receive a Google Form asking them to self evaluate based on the skills listed above. This preliminary evaluation will better allow us to cater an individualized session to the goalkeeper.



1x a Week

(4 Sessions Per Month)

$360 Per Month

2x a Week

(8 Sessions Per Month)

$680 Per Month

3x a Week

(12 Sessions Per Month)

$960 Per Month

5 Session Package

(No Contract, 45 Day Expiration)


(Packages Auto-Renew after full package has been used or 45 days)

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