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  • What is the inclement weather policy?
    If there is a threat of inclement weather during the session (thunderstorms/lightning/hard rain) the camp will notify parents via text and/or email. If there is a threat of inclement weather for a pending session, the camp will notify parents (of a decision regarding the session) one (1) hour prior. Sessions that are not able to take place at the fields due to inclement weather will be rescheduled to a future date (TBD). For those unable to attend the designated rain date(s) a pending credit to a future Capstone Soccer Group Training session will be awarded.
  • What Is Small Group Training?
    Small Group Training Programs combine the perfect balance of Speed, Agility and Soccer-Specific Performance Training with our High Intensity Technical Soccer System. Our goal is to ensure that our athletes stay technically sharp, physically fit and most of all healthy both in-season & out. Whether the objective is preparing for upcoming tryouts and ID camps, or simply looking for an additional weekly training session, our highly qualified staff takes pride in pushing our athletes beyond their current limits and comfort zones.
  • How long are small group programs?
    Seasonal Small Group Training Programs range in length from 6 - 12 week blocks and vary depending on the specific season. Session Length: 60-75 minutes
  • How many athletes will be in a small group?
    Our Small Groups are capped at 6-8 athletes.
  • What is the "Early Bird Registration" Period for small groups?
    In an effort to utilize our training facility as efficiently as possible, Pre-existing groups of 6 or more athletes are prioritized during our "Early Bird" Registration periods. Groups of at least 6 may reserve an entire training timeslot. Individual athletes that do not have a pre-existing group will be placed into groups of similar age and level if available after the early bird period closes.
  • Is it guaranteed my athlete will be placed into a training program?
    Group training requests are prioritized and processed in order of when they are received. Due to high demands and space limitations, please know that placement into our programs is not guaranteed, but we will try our very best to find everyone a training solution!
  • How do I create a new account?
    From Web Browser: ​ 1. In the upper right hand corner please select the blue “Sign Up!” Button 2. Click Blue box which reads,” Please click here to get started” 3. Please fill in Client Information and Billing Information, Click “Next” 4. Please read, complete, acknowledge waiver 5. Once account created, please confirm information on Profile page and ADD FAMILY MEMBERS at this time (if adding children) 8. Click Save **Please Note that Accounts are unique to 1 person! If creating an account with Family Members, please follow the directions above "From Web Browser"** ​
  • How do I add my child to my account?
    1. Log Into your Mindbody account 2. On the right side of your screen, find the “Family Members” section 3. Select “Add Family Member” 4. Fill in all fields (Make sure to specify Relationship and “Paid For” options) 5. Select Save
  • How do I purchase Private or Semi-Private Training packages?
    1. If you do not already have an existing account with Capstone Soccer please find the “How Do I Create an Account” on the FAQ’s page. 2. In a Web Browser please visit and log in to your account. 3. In the upper right hand corner of your profile page, please find and select “Online Store” 4. Click "Services" from the bar just below. 5. From the services drop down menu select the appropriate service category 6. Select the correct Training option under Private Soccer Training or Semi - Private Training 7. Click “Check Out” 8 Confirm check out information and select “Place Order” button at bottom of page
  • How will my child be grouped?
    Players will be placed based on age and level. Capstone Soccer staff reserves the right to move a player to an appropriate level class should we feel there is a better developmental fit.
  • Is this program a serious or fun outlet for kids?
    Great question. Both! Our programs are designed to combine the perfect balance of work, development & competition. Utilizing a high intensity technical based program, we a focus on a different technique and skillset each week. Our aim is to assist with improving technical deficiencies in a more refined & positive atmosphere where mistakes are not criticized and instead encouraged to allow athletes to train stress-free!
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