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Small group training (our most popular choice!) is a great solution for athletes who are looking for a high energy, cost effective and competitive training environment. Small Group Soccer Training aims to pair similar level athletes while still being focused on individual development. Our small group training offers far more ability for coaching correction then a normal team training, while allowing athletes to develop in a positive and controlled environment. Utilizing a high intensity technical based program with a focus on a different technique each week, we aim to assist with improving technical deficiencies in a more refined atmosphere.

Group Size: 6 -8 Athletes


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At Capstone Soccer, we know that the path to true development in soccer begins with a focus on the basics. We believe in the power of mastering simple techniques and fundamentals, as they lay the foundation for success on the field. Our expert coaches are dedicated to teaching all of these key areas and beyond, ensuring that every athlete who trains with us is equipped with the essential skills and knowledge needed to reach their full potential.

Shooting and Finishing - Laces vs Instep (Power vs Precision)
Ball StrikingLofted/Long balls
First TouchBoth on the ground and out of the air
TurningVariety of creative and simple turns to get out of pressure
Scanning - Checking over shoulder and gathering information
1 v 1 Attacking - Efficient/quick skill moves & how to read a defender
1 v 1 Defending - Proper body shape and rules for higher success
Shielding/Using your Body - Protecting the ball
Heading - Fundamentals of how to use your head safely (age restrictions)
Non-Dominant Foot - Sharpening skills and confidence 

Launched in the Winter of 2020, Capstone Soccer's All-inclusive Seasonal Soccer Training Program combines the perfect balance of Speed, Agility and Soccer-Specific Performance Training with our High Intensity Technical Soccer System.

Our goal is to ensure that our athletes stay technically sharp, physically fit and most of all healthy both in-season & out. Whether the objective is preparing for upcoming tryouts and ID camps, or simply looking for an additional weekly training session, our highly qualified staff takes pride in pushing our athletes beyond their current limits and comfort zones.


  • Seasonal Training Programs range in length from 6 - 12 week blocks and vary depending on the specific season. The Summer and Winter Seasons are our busiest and most competitive training timeframes due to those both being the normal Off-season.

  • Our Training Groups are capped at 6-8 athletes max and meet once (1x) a week for approximately 60-75 mins.

  • In an effort to utilize our training facility as efficiently as possible, Pre-existing groups of 6 or more athletes are prioritized during our "Early Bird" Registration periods.

  • Groups of atleast 6 may reserve an entire timeslot. Individual athletes that do not have a pre-existing group will be placed into groups of similar age and level if available.

  • Group training requests are prioritized and processed in order of when they are received. Due to high demands and space limitations, please know that placement into our programs is not guaranteed, but we will try our very best to find everyone a training solution! 

Capstone Soccer staff reserves the right to move a player to an appropriate level class should we feel there is a better developmental fit.

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Fall Program Details 

10 Week Indoor Training Program

 One (1) Weekly High Intensity Training Session

- Dates:  September 4th - November 11th (Make Up: Nov 13 -17)
- Training Location: CS Indoor Facility 

  • Falls Church: 2830 Fallfax Dr, Falls Church VA 22042

  • Loudoun: 22821 Silverbrook Center Dr. Suite 150A, Sterling, VA 20116

- Available Group Timeslots:


4:30pm, 5:15pm, 6:00pm, 6:45pm, 7:30pm
- Session Length: 75 Minutes
- Included: Soccer-Specific Speed, Agility & Performance Training, Capstone Soccer Training Shirt
- Group Size: 6-8 Athletes (Must have atleast 6 to reserve a full timeslot for your group)
- Coaching Ratio: 1:8 Coach to Player Ratio

Price: $499

Early bird registration for groups of 6 or more is open until August 25th!

General Session Breakdown

Dynamic Warm-up (10 mins)

Speed & Agility | Performance Training (10 mins)

High Intensity Cognitive and Technical Training (25 Mins)

Specific Weekly Training Topic (30 mins)

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Group Training Request Application


Capstone Soccer is focused on providing industry leading technical training programs and services to athletes of all ages and skill levels. Applications will be prioritized and processed in the order of which they are received. Due to seasonal demands and space limitations, please know that placement into our program is NOT guaranteed.  We encourage interested athletes or parents to submit an application as early as possible. Submit your online application to get started today!

Choose Yor Location
Preferred Timeslots
Available Training Days
Number of Athletes

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