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The single most important part of any training or exercise program. Recovery allows for improved performance, permits time for our body to heal itself in preparation for the next training load, and decreases the risk of potential injury. Capstone offer a wide variety of tools to its clients in an effort to support proper health and recovery programs.


Recovery Packages

(Client will receive a punch card upon purchase)

Unlimited Use


(30 Mins Sessions)

$20 Per Month

*Each session may include any combination of tools up to 30 mins (example: 20 min Recovery Boots + 10 min Hypervolt Plus)


Small Group 

Our 60 minute group classes are great for athletes who are looking for an intense, high energy, and positive environment to assist in their growth and development! These sessions of 6-10 athletes specifically focus on striking the ball, passing precision, dribbling with intent, soccer specific speed, power and agility, and much more!


Partner training is perfect for siblings, teammates and athlete groups who prefer to train together without the stress of others being added to the session. By eliminating the possibility of others joining your group, it allows for greater customization and quality control of the tailored program.


Individuals desiring more specific attention to their own unique goals will benefit from our fully customizable private coaching programs. Whether you are a highly competitive athlete or simply looking to improve your current fitness and athletic levels our private training options can be completely tailored to fit your needs. Sessions will be designed to challenge your mind and body in an effort to assist you in reaching your personal goals.





Creating an athletes foundation and fundamentals is an integral part of what we teach here at Capstone. Whether it be passing, striking, dribbling, or your first touch, we ensure that all athletes have the building blocks in place to create long lasting growth!



Soccer can be a fast paced and intense game. Implementing speed, agility, and strength training into our sessions prepares our athletes for the physical demand and different situations our players find themselves in games!



Our program creates players who are able to perform technical skills proficiently, efficiently, and deceptively. Whether it be a 1v1 situation, strike on goal, or a driven ball, we prepare our athletes to demonstrate skills at the highest level.



We understand that the game is not all physical and mental strength is an important skill. Putting our athletes through various training exercises and game-like situations allow for our athletes to refine their ability to make decisions quickly and with precision.

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